LOJAIN providing best services all over region. During  the period from 1993 until today LOJAIN  has installed  in  more than 15,000 sites with medium and large  projects in the U.A.E & other neighboring countries. LOJAIN is geared up to add value for customers providing an integrated solution for voice, data, video, T.V. and enhanced computer structured cabling.

Overview of our services

LOJAIN Project Management Service provides effective planning and administration of projects and resources to meet established time, cost and qualitative objectives. LOJAIN Project Managers help establish project goals, define mile-stones and deliverables, track and reports on project progress and bring the project in on-time and on-budget.

Our multi-vendor service management provides a single point of contact resulting in reduced customer involvement in the administration of the multi-vendor environment. This service provides vendor performance data to enable the customer to make a well-informed buying decision.

The Professional Service experts work with the customers to identify the business drivers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business. They work with customers to extend the capabilities of the customer’s staff, and help them realize greater returns on their I.T. investments into systems and people. They focus on identifying and providing customers with the tools that enable them to stay in touch with their customers, empowering them to transform data into knowledge and knowledge into revenue – thus with this knowledge providing customers with the most powerful competitive advantage.

The strategic decision by a company management team to undertake the develpoment and implementation of a complex site must be backed up with analysis and a well documentated stratagic direction. All consultancy work is performed based on proven methodologies.

A key element of most large projects set-ups is communication. The field of communications has rapidly grown in the number of options and their complexity, designing and implementing networks is a complex activity that requires a high level of experties and versatile hand-on experience. LOJAIN Communications successfully solved these problems as part of providing customers with effective solutions. Network services include providing the most effective design to serve the existing needs as well as the future growth, installation, labeling, terminating, testing and documentation.

  • Design a solution which is future proof and can support emerging technologies.
  • Design a solution which offers flexibility in terms of expansion and growth.
  • Build enough redundancy in the design at the physical level to ensure that it would provide room for future expansion within the building.
  • Design the solution with best cabling systems in the world.

In successfully implementing complex networking projects, extensive customer support is essential. LOJAIN Communications pays special attention to customer support throughout the design of the network and continues to provide support for the entire life span of the structured cabling system.